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“I am a board certified Chiropractic Physician and the owner of 100% Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, TN. As a former collegiate athlete, current cross training enthusiast, and practicing medical physician I am well-versed in numerous products to treat aches and pains. Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to the benefits my patients, friends, family, and myself have experienced with Marty’s Cobra Kove Creams and Tinctures. I have found that MCK is not only a fast acting analgesic to reduce or eliminate aches and pains, but it has been effective at repairing damage to muscle fibers.  Seeing increased and sustained range of motion in their joints; reduced inflammation; decreased pain.   I highly recommend  these products to every one, all athletes of any skill level, and any person suffering from aches and pains of daily life. I will always turn to Marty’s Cobra Kove.”

Dr. Joseph “Jet” Jackson . Dr. Joseph “Jet” Jackson Chiropractic PhysicianPersonal Trainer, Professional Body Builder, College Football Coach

I was telling my daughter Wendy, in LA, how I had damaged my hips and lower back so badly practicing my golf swing on the course where I live in Delray Beach and how  I was in constant pain. So when she came to visit the following week she gave me a container of your MCK cream. I put it on my kitchen counter and forgot about it. In the meantime, I was still experimenting with heat, ice, massage and whatever else I could find to get some relief and allow me to get some sleep. Then one day I spotted your product, still on my counter, in plain sight and a light went off in my brain. As it was close to bedtime I applied it to my hips and lower back and enjoyed the 1st full nights sleep in weeks. No more twitching, which would either keep me awake or wake me up during the night.I have never used a topical product before that would relieve pain and restlessness like yours. I would recommend it to anyone with similar problems.       Jerry S.

"I am a personal trainer, body builder and college football coach. I have been using Marty’s Cobra Kove  cream for the last four months. Initially, I thought it was effective on the minor aches and pains I get in the course of my regular workouts. Recently I injured my elbow and thought I would be out of commission for weeks while I let it heal. To my surprise, using MCK twice a day on my elbow not only relieved the pain but, provided me the healing and range of motion needed for me to resume my workouts in a matter of days. And doing so, pain free!”

Johnnie Peeples .   Johnnie Peeples Personal Trainer, Professional Body Builder, College Football Coach

"I am 61 years old and I lift a lot of heavy things working in the deli at a very busy grocery store. I come home with a sore back as well as sore shoulders and hips every day. My daughter recommended that I try Marty’s Cobra Kove to soothe pain, and I’ve been amazed at the pain relief it has provided me. I’ve noticed that lifting at work is so much easier now and doesn’t leave me with a sore body anymore. I no longer wake up in the morning with pain and I absolutely love the fact that the cream doesn’t leave a residue on my clothes or my skin. The smell is very soothing as well which helps with the relaxation. I would recommend this to anyone who has a physical job, who has muscle and joint pain and no matter what your age is, this product works. It’s also a great way to get someone to give you a massage!"        Carrie L. Deli Manager

"My name is Stuart Nuta and using this product made my job as a sanitation worker in Brooklyn a pleasure to work again. I had pain in my knees for 2 years, now the pain is gone. Thank you, Marty!"   Stuart Nuta Sanitation Worker

“I spent 12 years on chemotherapy and numerous experimental treatments for a liver disease that nearly took my life. While I am thankful to be healed and healthy, the long term side effects from such rigorous medications has been difficult to manage. When the temperature drops I experience extreme bone aches, and during my menstrual cycle my cramps are unbearable. I tried Marty’s Cobra Kove for the first time this past winter and was blow away by how it seemed to penetrate directly to my bones  and immediately ease my pain. I notice almost instant relief in my wrists, knees and lower back that lasted much longer than any other creams I have tried. MCK now a staple in my home,  I try to be very intentional with what I put into my body now that I am healthy and off treatment. I spent so long on toxic medications that the last thing I want to do is overload my body with anything else. It gives me such peace of mind to know that I now have all natural, safe and effective ways to alleviate my pain. I will never go back to over the counter medications again!“

Darnell Young .    Darnell Young

"As a 54 year old man working two different jobs, one where I’m lifting gallons of paint and the other heavy produce, having this product to relieve my shoulder and calf pain has been awesome. The relief I’ve felt has been life changing. I recommend this cream to anyone who ever complains of any kind of pain as it actually works, unlike some of the other pain relief products I’ve tried. Thank you, Marty’s Cobra Kove, for allowing me to work every day and not feel pain like I used to."    Jeff A.

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